APC SYMSTRF-PD Symmetra Power Chasis w/SYPM SYBATT - Loaded

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APC SYMSTRF-PD  Symmetra Power Chasis w/SYPM SYBATT - Loaded

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APC SYMSTRF-PD Symmetra Power Array w/SYPM SYBATT - Loaded and expandable with 3 open compartments. Model: SYMINIF
  • Total Output Power: 40A, 8 kVA, 5.6kW (Factory Configuration)
  • 1 Each AP9215 Monitoring Display Panel
  • 1 Each 885-6625/1 Battery Communications Card
  • 1 Each AP9612 Sensor Card
  • 1 Each SYRIM RIM Redundant Intelligence Module
  • 1 Each SYMIM MIM Main Intelligence Module
  • 4 Each SYBATT 120Vdc, 7.2 Ah for use with Symmetra Power Array (As Is Batteries - Used)
  • 2 Each SYPM Symmetra Power Module
  • Input 200-240 V, 1P, 40A, 50-60Hz
  • Output: 120 V, 208V, 240V, 1PH, 50-60Hz
  • 24 Wide, 28 Deep, 54 High
  • SN: ED9808023430

    This USP was pulled from a working environment and has been tested to work. The batteries are used and should be replaced before putting this unit into service.