Anvil 29.5w26d56h Large Flight Road Shipping Case

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Anvil 29.5w26d56h   Large Flight Road Shipping Case

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Anvil 29.5w by 26d by 56h (Outside Dimensions) ATA Approved Shipment, Flight & Road Case, Interior Foam Removed.
  • 12 Recessed Padded Spring Loaded Handles, 8 Recessed Butterfly Latches
  • 2 Lids allowing front and back access
  • Steel Ball Corners
  • Hard Black Plastic Laminate
  • Heavy Aluminum Bindings, Riveted
  • Casters have been removed, but new ones could be easily added by replacing existing bolts with new ones.
  • This Anvil heavy duty Road Case has an Interior that could be modified to fit a variety of road and air worthy gear.
  • This unit was obtained from a large supplier of professional A-V equipment

    Structural integrity is very good w/no deformities. Interior Foam has been removed. The ATA guarantees items shipped in an ATA approved case.