Amray 1860 FE Scanning Electron Microscope w/Digital Imaging

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Amray 1860 FE  Scanning Electron Microscope w/Digital Imaging

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Amray 1860 FE Scanning Electron Microscope w/Digital Imaging

  • 150mm wafer navigation
  • Qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis
  • Sensitive to elements down to carbon
  • Analysis area down to 0.1mm
  • Sensitivity ~1 at%
  • Field emission gun gives >3nm resolution
    Sample :
  • Accommodates 150 mm wafers and smaller samples
    Applications :
  • Failure Analysis: cross-section and plan-view examination
  • Compositional microanalysis and mapping
  • Devices from data storage, MEMS, semiconductor, and other industries
    System Features :
  • Automatic Digital Imaging
  • Computer Controlled
  • Power: 117 Volt, 15 amps, 60Hz, Single Phase
  • Large Multi-axis Stage
  • WICS
  • Turbo Pumped
    Accessories :
  • 1800 Series Schematic
  • 1800 Series Operating Manual
  • WIC Operating Manual
  • Mitsubishi Video Copy Processor M# P67U
  • Chamber
  • Cables

    This Amray 1860FE Scanning Electron Microscope has not been tested at our facility. The computer controller portion of the system has been powered up and it does respond to all of the manual controls that have been tested. Both the electron microscope and computer controller seem to be in very good physical condition. The system is being sold with operating manuals, various cables, a spare chamber, and a Mitsubishi Video Copy Processor M# P67U. This item is being sold as is and can be previewed/inspected by appointment at our facility in Ventura, CA during normal business hours 8am to 5pm M-F. Please call and speak with AL in our tech department (805) 648-3300 x 205 if you have any questions.