Ameritec Corp AM1 Plus D11 Call Generator

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Ameritec Corp AM1 Plus D11  Call Generator

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Bulk Call Generator - Analog Basic Unit
Description: Multiple port, programmable, telephone call generator/call terminator with coincident recording of attempts, average dial-tone delay, dial tone delays, no dial tones, no rings, no confirmation tones, average post-dial delay, completions and run time data.

Construction: Modular, plug-in printed circuit boards.

Capacity: From 1 to 30 Originate and Terminate Ports ( maximum capacity 450 Originate and 450 Terminate ports when chaining multiple sets).

Originate Ports
Types: Loop start, ground start, and 2 and 4-wire E&M.
Impedance: 900 Ohms AC (1200 Ohms DC loop resistance simulated) or 600 Ohms AC (600 Ohms DC loop resistance simulated).
Signaling: Dial pulse; multi-frequency (MF); and dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF / Touch Tone), with either shared tone generator or (for loop/ground start Line Cards) with individual Line Card tone generators.

Terminate Ports
Types: Loop start (1 R.E.N.), and 2 and 4-wire E&M.
Incoming Call Detect: Senses ringing (or equivalent) energy and trips ringing (shorts loop with 1200 ohms DC, 600 ohms optionally, impedance for loop ports). E&M ports perform programmed wink/delay sequence before answering.

Data Collection
Registers: There are ten (10) data collection registers for each line as listed below:

Average Dial-Tone Delay
Dial Tone Delay
No Ring
No Tone
Average Post-Dial Delay
Run Time

Register Capacity: Each counting register will accumulate counts to 65535.