Alpharma SQA III SQA IV Entire Lot of Alpharma Analyzers /Optibreed test

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Alpharma SQA III SQA IV  Entire Lot of Alpharma Analyzers /Optibreed test

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Our firm has acquired over 400 Sperm Quality Analyzers and 100,000 Test Kits (Associated with the analyzers), Both of Which are brand new in their original professional packaging. The sum of this product exceeds Millions of Dollars in original HARD COST (actual inventory) manufacturer investment. Our goal is to sell the entire lot of both test kits & analyzers for a fraction of their original cost. We have been selling select components contained in these Kits/analyzers and found that the value of just one of the numerous components grossly exceeds our asking price. What an opportunity for an investor/entrepreneur who understands true potential!

Sperm Quality Analyzer is a unique desktop unit that combines optical detection with an internal computer to provide a rapid quantitative evaluation of semen quality of poultry, cattle, and swine. The hardware consists of a single unit that contains a densitometer and a Sperm Quality Analyzer (SQA). The densitometer measures the concentration of all the sperm cells in the ejaculate (total concentration) including live and dead cells by a transmission. The SQA determines motile cell concentration by counting the breakages in light between a light source and optical receiver. Using a preprogrammed algorithim installed in the Optibreed unit a measurement of Sperm Quality Index (a number that can be used to rank males in a herd or flock), Total cell concentration, motile cell concentration and 1% Motility is Calculated. Using these results the ejaculate can be more accurately divided into doses for artificial insemination purposes, or the animal can be assessed to see if they are high enough quality to remain in the breeding program!

Accessories Include: Pelican Cases, Hamiltion & Brandtech Pipettes, Cuvettes w/caps, Microcentrifuge Vials, DR202 Batteries, 110 Volt power supplies, Capillaries, & Pipette Tips.

We do not warranty or refurbish medical equipment. No manual or peripherals included. We strongly encourage any potential buyer to view this product - by appointment only - during business hours 8 am to 5 pm M-F.