Air Bearing Technologies ABT-L w/ Compumotor Zeta 4

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Air Bearing Technologies ABT-L  w/ Compumotor Zeta 4

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Air Bearing Tech / Compumotor: Zeta 4

  • Air Bearing Technology's unique wrap around dove tail design allows the air slide to be mounted in any position. The fixed clearance design yields maximum stage loading.
  • Gas lubrication films are minimal, using an 8 micron film thickness for minimal air requirements with maximum stiffness and load capability.
  • Frictionless motion from bearing system, High precision dovetail design allows mounting in any orientation Three point mounting preserving accuracy of travel, Excellent skew resistance
  • The design eliminates the need for right and left hand slides on multi-axis systems.
  • , Nema 4 Mounting, Ultra Precise Straightness of Travel, Left or Right hand Mounting with same unit, Flag rails for home and over travel protection.