Acmel M-105 Polaroid CRT Camera Auto

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Acmel M-105  Polaroid CRT Camera Auto

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  • The Acmel M-105 Auto product produces color hardcopy (Polaroid Auto Film) directly from a color CRT display. The lens is a CRT-King 105mm/4.5 triplet type; shutter speeds include a ?B? setting as well as 1 - 1/125 sec. speeds.
  • Apertures from f/4.5 - f/32
  • Copal Press Shutter No. 0
  • Polaroid Film Type 339
  • 4 AA Batteries not included.
  • Added 4 AA batteries to test film advance mechanism and it works fine both with the trigger and the green button on top. All shutter speeds are operational although not calibrated. Not tested with film.