Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Flexible Solar Panels - WHY are they better than regular ridged glass solar panels?

Flexible Solar panels are much lighter as much as 1/5th the weight of ridged glass panels.  Also they flex and conform to various roof and wall structures.   Also they store well and can be rolled up to fit in a bucket and stored in a corner of your garage.  They are perfect for use with Portable Solar GeneratorsRV Boat and Trailers  installations, as well as Grid-Tie roof mounted residential and commercial building applications.  

You can also find more information about the solar panel and cell products we carry on the Recycled Goods blog.

Since 2012, Recycled Goods has traveled the world sourcing unique flexible solar panels, solar cells, and materials used in their construction.  Brands include UnisolarSolopowerGlobal SolarNanosolarXunlight, and Konarka.