Seerite SeeRite 6"x" 6 Opaque Projector

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Seerite SeeRite  6"x" 6 Opaque Projector

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Enlarge 6 x 6 flat copy or project to a screen or wall an image up to 7' x 7'. The Seerite Opaque Projector works from a distance of up to 12 feet, so it's suited for large and small audiences. Built with a low profile for compact, efficient lighting and optics, Equipped with a motor and cooling fan, a slide tray for easy copy changes, and a lens for fine focusing.Uses two household 150-200WATT light bulbs (No need to purchase expensive projector bulbs)It's all metal in design,is built to last years and years...Measures:12W x 13.5D x 6H Made by Testrite Instrument Co.,