Seagate 800 MB TapeStor External Tape Drive - 120V (STT6800P)

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Seagate 800 MB TapeStor External Tape Drive - 120V (STT6800P)
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Seagate STT6800P TapeStor External Tape Drive 800MB - 120V
  • Brand New TapeStor Parallel Port Travan Tape Storage System.
  • Model STT6800P 800MB capacity.
  • Seagate's TapeStor parallel port drive offers cost-effective, compact, external parallel port tape storage systems for desktop and laptop applications.
  • This kit is brand new and includes the tape drive, Seagate Tape-It DOS/Windows 3.x driver and Windows 95 software on 3.5 Diskettes, and Seagate Backup Exec with Windows/Windows 95 backup software CD, data cable and installation manual.
  • Tapes Recommended. Seagate: 800T, 250QT, or 420QT. Sony: QDC2080, QDC2120, QW5122F. 3M: TR-1, DC2080, DC2120.
  • Tape compatibility applies to media formatted with included software. May not be compatible with previously formatted tapes.
  • New in Box.