Photo-Sonics 16MM-1PL DC Camera Kit Actionmaster Data Recordi 61-9500

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Photo-Sonics 16MM-1PL DC Camera Kit Actionmaster Data Recordi 61-9500
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Photo-Sonics 61-9500 16MM-1PL DC Camera Kit w/o magazine (AKA Actionmaster) High Speed Camera
  • Includes 1ea Photo-Sonics 61-9500 16MM-1PL DC ser # 1546,
  • Borescope assembly 16 mm-1PL PN# 61-1200-300 ser # 609, 15XWF Eye-Piece, & a right angle adapter,
  • Film Data Recording System Camera Controller p/n 4-1510k and connecting cable ser # 004
  • History of This Camera model: This standard 16mm camera was Photo-Sonics' most popular high-speed instrumentation film camera, originally launched in 1969. The camera is a compact, self contained system, needing only external power. Speed is accurately controlled by a digital phase-locked servo system, ranging from 10 to 500 fps. Built to a high standard with ruggedised components, it is suitable for use in harsh environments. Film magazines (200' & 400') are simple to load and are easily swapped a within a few seconds. The image is remarkably steady: there are two pulldown Claws and two registration pins slide into film perforations holding the film steady, while a rotating shutter opens. That is, the mechanism is a pin registered movement, (aka 'intermittent film movement').