Multi-Contact 32.7020.060 Solar Panel Junction J-Box Terminal w/MC3 (PV-JB/2)

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Multi-Contact 32.7020.060 Solar Panel Junction J-Box Terminal w/MC3 (PV-JB/2)
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Multi-Contact PV-JB/2 32.7020.060 Solar Panel Junction J-Box Terminal w/MC3.  These Multi-Contact PV-JB/2 Solar Panel Junction J-Boxes are used to weatherize exposed wires for solar unfinished or partially finished solar panels. These came out of Unisolar in Mexico and are prewired with 22 inch long MC3 connectors. They are rated for 20 Amps and 600 to 1000 Volts and include 2 terminal blocks where you can connect the positive and negative wires exiting the solar panel. The positive and negative wires connect by sliding them into the terminal clips.

Download: Multi-Contact PV-JB/2 Install Guide

  • Includes two 22 long wires with Positive and Negative Male and Female MC3 Connectors
  • PV-Junction box with Terminal Block for thin-layer modules, fitting to the MC3 plug connector system.
  • Multi-Contact PN: 32.7020.060
  • This junction box is designed to fit over the solder point or short exposed wire terminals exiting the solar panel.
  • Attaches using customer supplied adhesive over the terminals of the panel.
  • Multi-Contact recommends Sylgard 577 Primerless Silicone adhesive from Dow Corning to connect and seal the Junction box to the solar panel.
  • The best results are achieved when the junction box base is pretreated and this protects the wiring from the environment.
  • Short wires from the solar panel are connected inside the junction box to solderless terminals built into the junction box.
  • The installed outdoor rated wires and MC3 connectors coming from the junction box now provide a fast and secure way to attach panels together.
  • Works for both series grid tie installations and directly to a charge controller as needed.