Madico Solar Panel Photovoltaic Backsheet - Protekt TFB HD (10) W/W

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Madico Solar Panel Photovoltaic Backsheet - Protekt TFB HD (10) W/W
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Madico Protekt TFB White Photovoltaic Solar Panel Backsheet Cell Encapsulation
  • Designed for flexible solar panel lamination
  • There are 2 rolls in each box
  • Width: 11.5 Inches (29.2 cm)
  • Length 500 Feet (152.402 m)
  • Weight: 142 pounds per box
    Heres what the manufacturer says about it
    Link to Protekt TFP PDF
    Protekt TFB is a PV Backsheet developed specifically for Thin Film applications. It includes all the performance features of Protekt with an aluminum layer to provide optimal barrier properties.
    Protekt Technology was specifically developed for the PV Industry. It is a coating that is directly applied to the base dialectic bonding layers of PET/EVA, resulting in a backsheet with excellent stability characteristics for vacuum laminating processes and outdoor use. Protekt is the ultimate in flame resistance and durability against hydrolysis and chemical degradation. Protekt has undergone extensive testing to exceed UL, TUV and industry standards, ensuring performance reliability for the life of the panel.
    Protekt is the most popular backsheet on the market and protects panels around the globe.