F&K Delvotek Automatic Gold/AI Wire Bonder 6320

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F&K Delvotek Automatic Gold/AI Wire Bonder 6320
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This F&K Delvotek Model 6320 Automatic Gold Wire Bonder can from an R&D company in Silicon Valley. We have not tested it beyond power on. The manufacturer says this bonder is about 16-20 years old and the wire size capability is probably 1 to 2 mil.
  • Hitachi Monitor
  • Corning Hot Plate
  • CCD Video Camera Module
  • K-Sine 1410 Power Supply
  • Philips Monitor
  • Nikon SMZ-1B Scope with 2 Unitron HWF 10x Eyepieces
  • System appears to be complete however we are unable to get the computer to 'see' the linear controllers. And there is a small crack likely cosmetic in the hot plate. We are selling this system As-Is.