Flexible Solar Panels and Cells - WHY are they better than regular ridged glass solar panels?

That is a good question and you have come to the right place.  Solar panels that are flexible have unique applications that ridged solar panels cannot fill.  They are perfect for use with Portable Solar Generators that can be used with the electric grid goes down.  Now for RV Boat and Trailers our Unisolar PVL series solar panels require no roof penetrations and were designed to withstand Hurricane force wind speeds of over 130 miles per hour.  Many models come with a peel and stick backing allowing the solar panels to be applied quickly and permanently.  Last but not least many of our flexible panels are UL listed and designed and built for Grid-Tie roof mounted residential and commercial building applications.  Designed for standing seam metal roofs these panels are a perfect fit and provide an architectural appeal you cant get with glass panels.   So there you have it.  These flexible panels can fill the void where standard ridged glass panels fail.

The Key to flexible solar panels are their cell technology.  All the flexible solar cells we offer are thin film and flex giving them the ability to flex and conform to various roof and wall structures that glass solar panels will not work.  The solar cells come in three flexible metals,  Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Plastic.  Please browse our inventory of in-stock Unisolar, Solopower, and Global Solar panels and Solopower Nanosolar and Konarka flexible solar cells and let us know if you have any questions.

You can also find more information about the solar panel and cell products we carry on the Recycled Goods blog.

Since 2012, Recycled Goods has traveled the world sourcing unique flexible solar panels, solar cells, and materials used in their construction.  Brands include UnisolarSolopowerGlobal SolarNanosolarXunlight, and Konarka.