Progeny Systems OPTIBREED Veterinary Sperm Analyzer Cattle Swine SQA IV

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Progeny Systems OPTIBREED Veterinary Sperm Analyzer Cattle Swine SQA IV
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Progeny Systems SQA IV OPTIBREED Veterinary Sperm Analyzer Cattle Swine
  • The Optibreed Sperm Quality Analyzer was designed and developed by Progeny Systems LLC, now merged with MES (Medical Electronic Systems Ltd.), as a unique portable unit that combines optical detection with an internal computer to provide a rapid quantitative evaluation of semen quality of Cattle and Swine. Using these results the ejaculate can be more accurately divided into doses for artificial insemination purposes, or the animal can be assessed to see if they are high enough quality to remain in the breeding program!
  • The Sperm Analyzer contains a densitometer and a Sperm Quality Analyzer (SQA).
  • The densitometer measures the concentration of all the sperm cells in the ejaculate (total concentration) including live and dead cells by a transmission.
  • The SQA determines motile cell concentration by counting the breakages in light between a light source and optical receiver.
  • Using a preprogrammed algorithim the Optibreed unit measures the Sperm Quality Index (a number that can be used to rank males in a herd or flock).
  • Objectively calculates Motile Cell Concentration and % Motility in 60 seconds
  • Removes the need for microscopy by trained staff
  • Eliminates the need for expensive hardware (CASA machines) that require highly trained operators
  • Allows a high degree of confidence in diluting semen for artificial breeding purposes
  • Ensures females are mated successfully through either artificial insemination or natural mating
  • Brand New -- Each complete kit includes Hamilton Softgrip Pipette, Instruction manual and CD, 18 V power supply.
  • We do not warranty or refurbish medical equipment. This item is new and unused. It does come with manuals and peripherals, however, we can not offer detailed training or technical support. We have examined this item to be complete and have powered it up.