Beckman 830 Lablyte system Na& K& Li& Analyzer

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Beckman  830  Lablyte system Na& K& Li& Analyzer

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  • The Lablyte system 830 electrolyte analyzer is an automated microanalyzer intended for the use in the vitro quantitative measurement of sodium, potassium, and lithium in whole blood, and plasma.
  • The system determines the sodium, potassium, and lithium concentration by measuring the electrolyte ions in solutions using direct ion-selective electrodes.
  • The Lablyte system 830 microprocessor controls and coordinates all functions initialed by the operator or by the analyzer.
  • It continuously checks for proper operation of all systems and if irregularities are detected it notifies the operator by displaying a system status message.

    This item powers up, responds to controls and appears to have all critical parts. However, as we are not experts in its design or use, it is being sold as is with no warranty. No manual or peripherals are included.